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We are the national organization dedicated to providing quality resources to summer swim teams and leagues throughout the United States.

How can we help you? Just take a shallow dive down below to learn about how we can make your summer league experience the best one around!

Summer league swimming Fun

Focused on FUN

Swimming should be fun - and that’s the heart of Summer League Swimming. Our focus is on providing the best environment for swimmers, coaches, officials, volunteers, and parents to get the best possible experience from the sport of swimming.

At its core, SLS emphasizes what makes swimming so great. The focus is on fun - hot summer days in refreshing water, time to bond with friends and teammates, and the excitement of working towards a shared goal. There’s the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of learning new skills while improving old ones. There’s no better way to spend a summer!

When your team has the tools it needs in place, it makes it MUCH easier to create that fun environment. Check out our Summer League Experience Assessment by clicking the link below. After you complete the assessment, CONTACT US, for a free evaluation on how you are doing and how we can help you do even better.

Focused On SAFETY

Swimming should be fun, swimming should be memorable, and swimmers should be safe.

Your summer athletes are safer no matter where they swim with our insurance package for general liability, sexual abuse/molestation, and excess accident coverage. 

When your coaches are Summer League Swimming Coach Certified and your organization gains background-checked leaders, you can rest easy knowing you have provided the best role models possible for your summer athletes.

SLS also encourages teams to adopt our Standard Order of Events to ensure your summer athletes are competing in events that are age appropriate and that makes sense during the shorter summer swim season.

summer league swimming saftey
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Focused On YOUR Coaches

We help create the best summer league swim coaches through the nation’s best summer league coach certification course!

The SLS coach certification course is tailored specifically to summer league swim coaches. While our course was created by the Positive Coaching Alliance, we added a splash of summer league by including the best practices used by the best summer league coaches and teams. Do you want more? Our course is hosted by Olympic swimmers!  Isn’t that the best?!

When your coaches complete and pass the Summer League Swimming Coach Certification Course, they gain the tools needed to coach from a place of positivity, confident mentorship, and true leadership. The skills your coaches will learn from our course will serve them both on the deck and for the rest of their lives.

Between SLS’s unmatched summer league swimming coach certification course and meaningful background checks, you can be confident your swimmers are being led by the best qualified coaches in your area.


Volunteers, officials, and your entire staff make summer league swimming go.  With over 1,200 background check companies in the United States, it can me overwhelming to know which company to trust.  We have put in the effort to make it easy for you to offer quality, affordable background checks for everyone in your organization.

In addition, when your team signs up for our insurance package, everyone in your organization-not just your swimmers-will be covered for general liability, sexual abuse and molestation, as well as excess accident coverage. Everyone performs better (and sleeps better) when you know you have great team members in the right lanes with the right protection.

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Focused On Your Teams and Leagues

SLS standardizes summer league swimming nationally through best practices that have been proven over the years by some of the biggest and most successful leagues throughout the country.  To help every summer league "touch first"—in fun, safety, and helping summer athletes achieve their goals, SLS has all you need to start your own league or give a boost to the one you’re running.  SLS has everything you need. All YOU need to do is JUST ADD WATER!


In 2021 SLS will be hosting our first annual SUMMER LEAGUE SWIMMING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP VIRTUAL MEET. We will recognize the top 25 swimmers in each age group and event in each state as SLS All-State Swimmers and announce the SLS All-American Team!  Open to all member swim league teams and swimmers, the 2021 SLS National Championship will recognize the nation’s best and give all swimmers positive goals for them to achieve.

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Focused On A Balanced Life

Youth sports can be all-encompassing. Between enrollment fees, equipment costs, practice and competition requirements, and nearly non-stop travel, children’s athletics can often overwhelm families or force kids to specialize at a young age. Summer League Swimming is a perfect entry point to the sport for kids who still want to be kids. It’s a lower-pressure, less-demanding arena where young swimmers can experience all that the sport has to offer while still being able to participate in all the other joys of summer.