Summer League Swimming Insurance Program

Millions of children participate in summer league swimming programs each summer. Many volunteers give countless hours coaching, coordinating and hosting swim meets. While competitive swimming is admirable and coaching is a noble pursuit there are inherent risks involved in any athletic endeavor whether you are participating as an athlete, coach, volunteer or coordinator.

Summer League Swimming, LLC (SLS) has attempted to mitigate many inherent risks through a comprehensive insurance program. As a seasonal sport with many volunteers, the risks involved with swimmer league swimming may not be apparent. That is why SLS has put together an insurance program that benefits not only swim league members and participants, but coaches as well. The SLS insurance program is comprehensive in nature and provides protection for athletes while participating in practices and competition and for coaches while providing instruction.

The SLS insurance program includes sports accident and general liability coverage. Should a league member or coach be involved in an incident they will be required to file an incident report and then file a claim.

Types of Insurance We Offer to Our Clients

It is the goal of Summer League Swimming to introduce children from the ages of 5-18 years to the sport of swimming by providing fun, safe, and healthy environments.  The positive experience will encourage children and their parents to signup for year round swimming at USA Swimming, the local YMCA, or by joining the local high school swim team.

Swimming is a community made up of children and adults who can live healthier, safer and more satisfying lives from a lifetime of benefits that swimming provides. It begins with learning to swim and joining a local summer league swimming program.