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Summer League Swimming Insurance Program

Millions of children participate in summer league swimming programs each summer. Many volunteers give countless hours coaching, coordinating and hosting swim meets. While competitive swimming is admirable and coaching is a noble pursuit there are inherent risks involved in any athletic endeavor whether you are participating as an athlete, coach, volunteer or coordinator.

Summer League Swimming, LLC (SLS) has attempted to mitigate many inherent risks through a comprehensive insurance program. As a seasonal sport with many volunteers, the risks involved with summer league swimming may not be apparent. That is why SLS has put together an insurance program that benefits not only swim league members and participants, but also coaches, volunteers, officials, and staff. The SLS insurance program is comprehensive in nature and provides protection for athletes while participating in practices and competition and for coaches while providing instruction.

The SLS insurance program includes excess sports, general liability coverage, as well as sexual abuse and molestation coverage. 

Introducing the SLS Guppy Care Program

Many summer league swim teams and leagues offer a Guppy program for young swimmers who may not quite be ready for the regular swim team. Usually the only requirement is that a child be able to swim the width of the pool in any stroke, without stopping, walking on the bottom, or being helped.

Because Guppies are often welcome at swim practices and are encouraged to participate in all team and league socials, they need insurance protection as well. Because Guppies do not participate in swim meets, they should not have to pay the same registration fee as a regular swimmer. 

At Summer League Swimming we want all of your swimmers to have adequate protection, including your swimmers who are just starting to make a splash. 

Contact us for a free evaluation of your current coverage and for details on how we can keep your guppies equally protected in your school of swimmers.


Summer League Swimming Keeping Swimmers safer

The most sensitive topic for any youth program to discuss is sexual abuse.  All responsible programs require background checks for coaches and league volunteers, but too often those checks are sent out to the lowest bidder and you end up getting what you paid for.  Summer League Swimming is committed to doing more than just checking the box and that is why our background checks are decidedly not the cheapest in the market. 

Although thorough background checks help minimize the risks, no one can guarantee 100% that an incident will not occur.  It is also important to recognize that after all is said and done, not all reported incidents turn out to be true.  Regardless, all reported incidents must immediately be thoroughly investigated by the proper authorities and seen through to appropriate conclusions. 

Sumer League Swimming offers insurance programs to protect the personal liability of league officials, volunteers and coaches if an incident occurs, so that only proven guilty perpetrators are rightfully subject to criminal or civil liabilities.  For those who subscribe to our sexual abuse insurance policies, we further support our member organizations with corresponding crisis communications plans and consulting services to help manage through such scenarios we all hope never to face.

SLS is committed to protecting the integrity of the sport and supporting safe and healthy programs.  For more detailed discussions, click here: