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It’s Summer League! Just Add Water!

At Summer League Swimming, we love swimming, and we want to provide a safer, fun environment for more children and adults to fall in love with the sport too.

At many levels, swimming can be an intimidating sport to outsiders - high-stress, high-commitment, high-cost. Summer League Swimming is perfect for families who want to get to know the sport before jumping all the way into the deep end.


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At its core, Summer League Swimming emphasizes what makes swimming so great. The focus is on fun - hot summer days in refreshing water, time to bond with friends and teammates, and the excitement of working towards a shared goal. There’s the thrill of competition and the satisfaction of learning new skills and improving old ones. There’s no better way to spend a summer!

Focused On Safety

We ensure that coaches are qualified and background-checked to make sure we have the best teachers and role models possible for our kids. Kids should be safe while competing in swimming - and swimming can help keep kids safe! Swimming is a life-saving skill, and we provide a safe, healthy environment for kids of all ages to learn.

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All About A Balanced Life

Youth sports can be all-encompassing. Between enrollment fees, equipment costs, practice and competition requirements, and nearly non-stop travel, children’s athletics can often overwhelm families or force kids to specialize at a young age. Summer League Swimming is a perfect entry point to the sport for kids who still want to be kids. It’s a lower-pressure, less-demanding arena where young swimmers can experience all that the sport has to offer while still being able to participate in all the other joys of summer.

We're on a Mission. Join Us Today!

It is the goal of Summer League Swimming to introduce children from the ages of 5-18 years to the sport of swimming by providing fun, safer, and healthier environments.  The positive experience will encourage children and their parents to signup for year round swimming at the local YMCA, United States Swimming Local Swim Club, etc., or by joining the local high school swim team.

Swimming is a community made up of children and adults who can live healthier, safer and more satisfying lives from a lifetime of benefits that swimming provides. It begins with learning to swim and joining a local summer league swimming program.